New Project Investment

New Project Investment Analysis

Structuring real estate investments that will be sound and fully understood to attract full member participation.

New Project Investment Analysis

Struggling to garner sufficient interest on a new real estate project?

Embarking on a new real estate opportunity can require substantial investment and can pose a significant level of individual partner risk. With any investment, it is essential to understand the trade-off between the individual’s potential return, their risk, and their risk profile. For many groups, it can be difficult to create an impartial and transparent understanding of the investment prior to deciding on whether or not to move forward. It is not unusual for this to create a philosophical division within a physician group and will most likely lead to either a significant reduction in participation or an entirely missed opportunity.

CMAC’s unique position in the physician-owned real estate ‘ecosystem’ allows it to deliver accurate and impartial analysis so that groups can make informed decisions. Groups can feel confident they understand the upfront capital requirement, the ongoing return on their investment and their level of financial exposure well before they put a shovel in the ground.

“We came back to CMAC for a second round because you’re TeamAwesome. Given our very abbreviated timeframe, this would never have happened without the leadership from CMAC. We greatly appreciate your dedicated efforts to bring this deal to closure and as always we will sing the praises for the outstanding level of service we have enjoyed throughout our relationship.”
Brad Smith, CEO - Virginia Eye Institute, Richmond, VA

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